Caroline Ansell responds to Supreme Court verdict

Sadly, today’s Supreme Court verdict changes nothing when it comes to Brexit and how to move forward and honour the referendum result – the only outstanding mandate. 

Parliament can now come back earlier to scrutinise the government’s Brexit policy and ask ministers questions about it - bravo. 

But, in reality, parliament wants to come back to have more time to try and overturn the referendum result and what it voted for in the first place while continuing to tie the hands of the Prime Minister in any negotiations with the EU.

Parliament has had three years to hold ministers and the government to account over Brexit. It will now talk of how Parliament is sovereign but, as I have said before, Parliament handed the decision about leaving the EU to the people and 17.4 million people said they wanted to leave.

Parliament continues to play a dangerous game by trying to ignore these people and this country’s biggest ever democratic vote.

MPs will now spend more pointless hours telling everyone what they don’t want but never coming forward with any idea to move the country forward, unlike the Prime Minister who wants to honour the referendum result.

Nothing will be achieved by this so-called victory. What a mess. We must have a general election now.