Lib Dems mislead voters over MP

Eastbourne Conservatives have complained to the borough council over a misleading political leaflet which suggests Stephen Lloyd is still a Liberal Democrat MP.

Cllr Metcalfe joins team to remove graffiti

Conservative Sovereign councillor Paul Metcalfe has joined council contractors to help remove graffiti from Eastbourne seafront.

Paul took the opportunity after asking for the authority to clean up the area following complaints from local people.

‘Tidy up Sovereign’

Unsightly litter is becoming an increasing problem in the Ward. Sovereign Ward Councillors
Penny di Cara, Paul Metcalfe and David Elkin decided to take matters into their own hands
with a ‘litter pick’ near the entrance to the Crumbles Retail Park and Waterfront car parks.

College Conservation Area Extended

Conservative Meads councillor Robert Smart has scored a victory by forcing the borough council to consider extension of the College Conservation Area.

Wealden Planning Decision

On Monday evening, 7th January, Willingdon Parish Council (WJPC) Planning Committee voted to submit a resolution to the local Planning Authority, Wealden DC, to OBJECT to the planning development application WD/2017/1942/MEA.

Grave Concerns About Planning Application

This morning (Friday, 4th January), the Mornings Mill Farm planning application (WD/2017/1942/MEA) was discussed at the Willingdon Parish Council Large Developments Sub-Committee and the consensus was to advise the Planning Committee on Monday, 7th January to ask Wealden District Council (WDC) to