Cllr Metcalfe joins team to remove graffiti

Conservative Sovereign councillor Paul Metcalfe has joined council contractors to help remove graffiti from Eastbourne seafront.

Paul took the opportunity after asking for the authority to clean up the area following complaints from local people.

He met with contractors and the Neighbourhood First Team who are working on the removal of the extensive graffiti from Langney Point up to the Bandstand.

“It’s great to see the work being carried out at this time of year whilst it is quieter before walkers and cyclists increasingly use the Seafront route during the coming months,” said Paul.

“This graffiti removal is just the start. More work has still to be done to clear the beaches of abandoned unlicensed boats, winch houses, discarded fishing nets and weeds, ensuring the wonderful flora and fauna found on the foreshore remains unharmed.”

Much of the eastern seafront lies within the Sovereign Ward to the front of the Langney Point neighbourhood. Paul has been ensuring this part of the seafront and beaches are ‘cleaned up’ in time for summer visitors to the area.