Conservative Councillors support hoteliers over temporary cycle route proposals

We have recently received details of a proposed temporary seafront cycle route from the Wish Tower to the Redoubt for consultation.


We wholeheartedly support the hoteliers in the Eastbourne Hospitality Association in rejecting this proposal. The threats to these businesses, particularly from the loss of parking spaces, are significant. The timing is not conducive to the recovery of Eastbourne.


Apparently this proposal is still subject to a safety review. It would seem self-evident that this scheme will fail any rigorous safety review.


We support aspirations for improved cycling infrastructure and an increase in cycling and look forward to joining discussions on possible opportunities.


One small element of this proposal that might assist both cyclists and pedestrians would be to introduce a 20mph speed limit throughout the extent of the scheme. Additional funds could usefully be employed on speed and noise cameras to curb anti-social driving along the seafront.