Construction Underway!

Conservative councillors have visited the long-awaited Sovereign Community Centre site to see how work is progressing.

Borough members Gordon Jenkins, Paul Metcalfe and Penny di Cara and County Councillor David Elkin are delighted that construction is now well underway and the quartet say the centre will be an excellent community asset and is very welcome.


“The original idea was for a pre-fabricated modular building but we are now going to have a conventional construction which will mean a slightly longer build time, although progress to date is very encouraging,” said Gordon.


Paul said, “It is absolutely great to see that work is progressing on the project and I look forward to seeing the completion of the centre in a few months.”


And Penny added, “This community centre will provide a fantastic resource for the residents of Sovereign Harbour and we are getting closer to the culmination of many years work.” 


Foundation footings for steelwork are now out of the ground, which gives a great indication of the impressive size of the finished structure.


The new Community Centre will comprise two halls, one large and one small, meeting rooms, a kitchen and foyer cafe leading onto a secure outside terrace and is due for completion in the spring.