Former MP 'dismayed' at 'the only good Tory is a dead Tory' Lib Dem candidate

Statement from Former Eastbourne MP and Sovereign Ward local election candidate Caroline Ansell regarding Amanda Morris.


“Amanda Morris’s expression of regret over her extremely unpleasant comments is not enough because it has stopped short of the apology I believe she ought to make.


“Attempting to justify the use of that sort of language by suggesting others were using similar at the time is frankly not good enough and will fool no one. It clearly appears her opinions haven’t changed and this will not be enough to reassure people in Old Town


“Having actually lived through the experience of a Facebook death threat and what it did to my family, it’s especially painful to see such words used. If elected, she would be my local councillor too and how can I or any of the 2000 Conservative voters in Old Town now have any faith in her representing them?

“Political disagreement is right and good in a democracy, but hate speech like this has no place either in Eastbourne or elsewhere.


“There must also be a questions to answer over whether local Lib Dem leaders knew about Amanda Morris’s views before they selected her as a candidate.”