Lloyd’s Brexit betrayal

A Conservative councillor accused MP Stephen Lloyd of being “completely dishonest” with Eastbourne residents after he voted to revoke Article 50 in a Commons vote despite promising to honour leaving the EU.

Colin Belsey said Mr Lloyd’s actions showed he simply cannot be trusted to keep any promise he makes over Brexit following the indicative poll last night.

“Stephen Lloyd’s actions this last few months have been quite incredible. One minute he's doing all he can to stop Brexit as the legislation goes through Parliament, then he's voting for the withdrawal deal, before finally deciding to try and stop the whole process. The ducking and diving of this man is astounding.

“On top of this, we have him proclaim he’s an independent MP so he can vote for the Prime Minister’s withdrawal deal but then with a straight face he tells Eastbourne he’s only an independent MP in Westminster and he’s a Lib Dem in Eastbourne. It's all nonsense.

“Time and again Stephen Lloyd has been completely dishonest with the people of Eastbourne over Brexit. This constituency voted to leave but Stephen Lloyd has done nothing to uphold that mandate in Westminster. He has instead confused people, been inconsistent and ultimately, he has not kept his word by voting to revoke article 50 while hoping this confusion will keep him his job.

“How any voter, leave or remain, could possible believe a word he says is beyond me.”