Local Conservatives Welcome Government Funds For Rough Sleepers

Conservatives in Eastbourne and Hastings have welcomed £810,000 of Government money to help rough sleepers in both towns.

The provisional funding is part of a Rough Sleeper Strategy launched by ministers last month and the money will provide local help for those living on the streets using dedicated support teams and securing additional bed spaces.

The strategy aims to end rough sleeping by 2027 and represents an initial £34 million of funding across 83 areas in England.

Conservative group leader in Eastbourne Tony Freebody said: “This is very welcome support from the Conservative government that demonstrates real commitment to ending rough sleeping in Eastbourne within a decade.


“We all need to support the most vulnerable people in our society and the extra funding will help to assist people into services and accommodation.


“This is a complex issue and there is no simple solution, but our councils now have greater resources and can work with other agencies such as health services to provide a scaffold of support for people who need it.”


Leader of the Conservatives at Hastings Borough Council Rob Lee said: “The government has fully recognised that more must be done to tackle this problem across the country and I’m pleased Hastings will receive this money.


“The reasons behind rough sleeping are wide ranging and complex and support is certainly needed to help those who find themselves in this predicament because of problems such as family breakdown, mental health issues, drug use or loss of employment.”