New Railings on Kings Drive

Kings Drive residents now have new railings after Ratton Conservative councillor Colin Murdoch forced developer Bovis to install them.

Colin criticised the house builder in November last year for not completing the railings to the end of the 120-home development when it should have.

The company responded and has now completed the work. It is also undertaking other projects including putting in cycle racks, clearing vegetation, building a footpath, connecting street lights and erecting allotment partitions.

“Residents are very pleased these railing are now in place. The previous temporary ones were an eyesore and unsafe and I thank Bovis for doing the job,” said Colin.

“I will be monitoring the other work they have promised also to ensure that’s completed but hopefully that will happen in the near future. It was a shame that Bovis needed prompting over this but it has responded well and got on with the job.”