Sovereign - Conservatives move Science Park a step closer

Following an announcement by the Conservative Secretary of State, Eric Pickles, the creation of the long awaited Science Park at Sovereign Harbour has moved a step closer. The proposed joint Local Enterprise Partnership between East Sussex, Kent and Essex has been given the Green Light.

Hampden Park - Bridge Over Troubled Rail Line

The Hampden Park Conservative Action Team are supporting the Neighbourhood Panel in their efforts to end the years of vandalism putting train drivers and passengers lives at risk.

Old Town - Dangerous Lamp Post in St. Mary's Road

Local residents have been in touch to report a damaged lamp post in St. Mary’s Road. Local Action Team member Vivienne de Haviland-Geraghty said: ‘We reported this to the Council as there were exposed electric cables which could potentially have been dangerous. I am pleased to report that, following our efforts, it has now been repaired by the Council’.

Upperton - Results … NOT Excuses!

Action Team members Cllr. Graham Marsden, Tom Liddiard, andAnnabelle West attended the Police Street Meetings, with Upperton based PCSO Anita Edwards and her team, in Waitrose Supermarketand Beatrice Lane, and have identified a number of issues through speaking with the local residents, in partnership with Sussex Police.

Upperton - Little Chelsea Bus Link

Action Team Member Tom Liddiard is working with the Little Chelsea Traders Association and Stagecoach Buses to promote and try and secure the reinstating of the Little Chelsea Bus Route.

Towner Update

Conservative Action Team members have been asked by many residents in the neighbourhood of the Old Towner about the latest news on the future of this beautiful listed building. Councillor Graham Marsden has been in touch with Borough Council planning offi-cers and can report that: Ownership of the building has been passed very recently to a new local developer.

Sovereign - Five years on - still no Bus Gate!

Some five years after Planning permission was agreed we are still waiting to see the long proposed Bus Gate in place. This much needed Bus Gate would give residents’ and shoppers alike a bus service every 30 minutes rather than the hourly service we have at the moment.