Tony Freebody

Tony Freebody: Ratton

East Sussex born, Tony lives in Eastbourne with his wife and two children, and has worked in the NHS for the past 24 years supporting adults with learning disabilities. 

Colin Belsey

Colin Belsey: Ratton
Colin was born in Streatham, moved to Carshalton in Surrey and that is where his passion for politics started, he was very heavily involved with the Young Conservatives.

Colin Murdoch

Colin Murdoch: Ratton

I was born in Lambeth, opposite Parliament, but grew up in Dulwich and Croydon.

Jane Lamb

Jane Lamb: Meads

I am committed to improving life for residents and local services and the environment, such as our Downlands and Marine Conservation Area.

Robert Smart

Robert Smart: Meads

As a relatively new resident of Meads I greatly appreciate its attractions and amenities within Eastbourne's exciting potential future.

Caroline Ansell

Caroline Ansell: Sovereign

I was a teacher until a life-threatening diagnosis for my son changed the course of my life and ultimately, took me into politics.

Paul Metcalfe

Paul Metcalfe: Sovereign

Born and bred in Eastbourne and lived in Sovereign Harbour for the past 20 years, I think I can honestly say I’ve a good understanding of how the town ‘ticks’.